Elderly Activities in Our Cincinnati Nursing Home: Oak Hills Rehab


Individuals are unique and we each have our own way of finding a sense of well-being. Oak-Hills' self-directed lifestyle and wellness program offers countless ways to achieve a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. Here you'll find a variety of activities and programs to enhance various aspects of personal wellness. At Oak-Hills, our attentive staff will take care of the cooking and cleaning, so you can spend your time doing what you enjoy most.


Intellectual Occupational
* Discussion groups * Crafts, hobbies, art groups

* Book Studies

* Gardening
* Lectures, speakers and educational courses * Volunteering opportunities
Social Emotional
* Parties, social events and holiday celebrations * Friends
* Opportunities to dine with friends and family * Family
* Bridge and card games * Volunteer visitors
* Social clubs  
Physical Spiritual
* Exercise classes * Pastoral visitors
* Quality health care * Bible study groups
* Wii games